Master in Smart Production Systems in the Food & Drink Industry

The Technical University of Madrid presents the I Edition of the Master in Smart Production Systems in the Food & Drink Industry. The goal of this Master is to train the professionals who will lead the transition from the agri-food industry to smart industry, integrating best practice business administration with the technology of Industry 4.0 . 

The Master includes the professional collaboration of experts in Industry 4.0 from the ALTRAN GROUP´s World Class Center in Advanced Manufacturing as well as industry experts from SIEMENS SPAIN and IDOM.  The goal of this pioneering postgraduate degree, the first of its kind on the Food and Drink Industry, is to promote the digital transformation in this sector of industry. 

Introduction y Objective


The gradual implementation of the best business management practices (Total Quality Management, Lean and Green Production Systems, Business Excellence Models such as the EFQM model or the Shingo model) in the different functional areas of the companies and cooperatives of the food & drink industries is contributing to the improvement of their competitiveness and radically increasing their capacity to generate and deliver value.

In parallel, the technological solutions provided by the Industry 4.0 (Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Simulation, Virtual Reality, Additive Manufacturing, Systems Integration, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity), paradigm based on the digital transformation of the factories to turn them into intelligent factories, are beginning to be implemented by the large companies and cooperatives of the food & drink industries.

To respond to the challenge posed by the incorporation of industrial companies in the food and beverages sector to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to the Industry 4.0 paradigm, the Higher Technical School of Agronomic, Food and Biosystems Engineering of the UPM has organized the “Master in Smart Production Systems in the Food & Drink Industry” with the collaboration of ALTRAN GROUP.


The objective of this postgraduate program is to ensure that students acquire the necessary skills to be able to lead or collaborate on technological and organizational innovation initiatives in companies or cooperatives in the food and beverage sector that are integrating the best business management practices with the technological solutions of the Industry 4.0 or in engineering or consulting companies that help to the food & drink industry to design and implement these solutions.