• The maximum number of places for the “Executive Edition” Group is limited to 30.
  • 20 places for candidates working in the Food&Drink Industry or related or in companies that work in the digital development and transformation in the sector.
  • accepted candidates who have completed their undergraduate studies less than 3 years before the commencement of the Edición Executive (22 de febrero de 2019)

Registration Price 

  • The registration price is 9,000 euros.
  • Fees to be paid for completing pre-registration: € 500 (upon admission)
  • Initial fees when completing registration (before April 30, 2019): € 2,500
  • Remaining payments and deadlines: € 3000 before May 31, 2019, and € 3,000 before June 30, 2019. The applicable discounts will be deducted from the last payment.

How to Register

  • The pre-registration is done through the following web page enabled by the Vice-Rectorate of Academic Strategy and Internationalization of the Technical University of Madrid: PRE-REGISTRATION
  • Once the candidates have provided the required documents and the Vice-Rectorate has verified that the candidate meets the access requirements, the Vice-rectorate communicates it to the Management Team of the degree, who will proceed to contact the candidate to inform her / him if there is available places and if they can finish formalizing the pre-registration.
  • In accordance with the regulations for graduate degrees of the UPM, candidates who are pending the Final Degree Project and, as a maximum of one subject, can be accepted in the Master.
  • As the places are limited, the admission of students will be by strict order of formalization of the pre-registration by paying the 500 euros.


  • 20% for the members of the Official Professional Board of Agricultural Technical Engineers of the Center.
  • 20% for associates to ALCYTA (Spanish Association of Bachelor, Doctors and Graduates in Food Science and Technology)

The discounts are not cumulative, being able to reach a maximum of 40% per student.


The Official Professional Board of Agricultural Technical Engineers of the Center has signed an agreement with Sabadell Bank that includes the financing of the Master’s registration fees to its members. Other candidates could benefit of this financing by applying through the above mentioned professional board. Those candidates interested in a Sabadell Bank loan for financing the Master´s registration fees should contact with Joaquín Fuentes-Pila, Master’s Director via the email address: